iLogin for iMIS

Increase Renewals, Registrations, and Other Key Metrics by Logging Members Into Your iMIS Website With a Single Click!

See iLogin in Action!

Don't let your members start an important action on your website—like renewing their membership, registering for an event, or donating to a cause—only to abandon it when they can't remember their password or find their user ID. They're motivated and ready to go, but your website's login page is standing in their way! Until now . . . 


How Associations Are Using iLogin

This simple iPart solution delivers MAJOR value!

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Membership Renewals
You send automated emails to members who are approaching their expiry date. With iLogin, members who click the link to renew are taken directly to the checkout page where they can see and easily pay the dues. No user ID or password necessary!


Donations and eCommerce
Giving has never been easier for your generous constituents! By simply including an iLogin link within your fundraising emails, those who click are automaticlaly logged into your website's donation page for a quick checkout.

Event Registrations
With an aggressive event registration goal this year, you can't afford to lose potential attendees to a frustrating registration experience. Thankfully, by using iLogin links in your event emails, members are taken directly to the event registration page, completely eliminating the hassle of logging in!

What Clients Are Saying About iLogin

"In less than 6 weeks we renewed 692 member companies using an automated email notification and iLogin solution that significantly streamlined our renewal process. BroadPoint’s implementation team [MemberPrime] helped us every step of the way. Our membership retention rate has jumped 8% since the launch of the new

- Michelle Mueller, ASTA


  • Eliminate the common barrier of web users forgetting login credentials.

  • Reduce the incoming member calls to headquarters requesting password resets.

  • Eliminate the login step of a process getting web users connected and engaged you’re your website.

  • Streamline processes. Direct the web user to a specific location\page on your website with one URL click

How it Works


iLogin is built on an “out of the box” iMIS web service that accepts a token which logs a user directly into an iMIS website, bypassing the login. Each record gets assigned a unique iD (EID) that can be embedded in a URL (website link) and can be sent to any member or non-member record in your database. These links can be sent using standard email, TaskCentre, Process Automation or the iMIS Communications tool. This functionality gives your organization the ability to send to groups of records as well as directing them to any page within the iMIS RiSE site, bypassing the login!!