Excite Subscriptions

Collect subscription fees integrated with the iMIS shopping cart using the Excite Subscriptions iFit!

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During this free demo, we’ll show you how to use Excite Subscriptions to:

  • Sign in or create a new account with a streamlined process.

  • Allow users to tie themselves and others to an organization with company lookup or a new company account.

  • Support multiple subscription types, rates and renewals.

  • See subscription retention renewal rates and revenues at-a-glance.

  • Utilize instant subscription analytics with the iMIS 20 Staff View.

  • Eliminate duplicate records with “Find Me” functionality.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Excite Subscriptions

Since implementing the iFIT subscription management process we have increased our retention rates and have better tracking of current and expired customers. I would definitely recommend this process to any association looking to fuel their subscription service through iMIS.
— Evangeline Soleyn John, 340B Health
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Alex Quinn