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BroadPoint's MemberPrime division is one of the largest ASI iMIS Solutions Providers in the U.S. and an iMIS Solution Provider of the Year. We help nonprofits and membership organizations improve processes and profitability through smarter technology. 


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Whether you’re just getting started with iMIS or hoping to connect your iMIS solution to various other systems, we’re here to help. We're pros at creating integration bridges with dissimilar systems. We can help you integrate with:


Client Success Story

Need to integrate an LMS with your iMIS system? Learn how we recently helped the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) integrate their iMIS and LMS systems - with great success!



Our signature iFIT solutions and popular add-ons are built within the iMIS Framework and are maintained when upgraded, meaning you pay no annual maintenance fee. What's more? Deployment is quick and easy--you can have your iFit solution of choice up and running in next to no time. These adaptable solutions are sold at a discount compared to custom build development & do not incur annual fees like other add-on iMIS products.



Browse Our Suite of iMIS iFit Add-Ons and Extenders



Get the most out of your system and leave customer support challenges in the past with our ClientAdvantage program. You’ll benefit from a full-time technical support team staffed by senior consulting resources.


Enhancements and Support

  • Delight users by quickly resolving priority issues and enhancement requests
  • Cost-effective and high quality resolutions; leverage best practice assets from 2000+ projects that are adapted for you

Managed Services

  • Quickly resolve users first-level support questions
  • Extend your team with experienced administrative resources without the cost and time of recruiting for peak demand periods


Move your iMIS system into the Cloud to minimize hardware investment and to free up staff time so you can focus on your core mission.


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BroadPoint’s MemberPrime division has been a proud partner of ASI since 2005. We bring proven industry, real-world understanding of how organizations can use ASI’s iMIS system to create amazing experiences for members and employees. Our staff has the broad technical knowledge and nonprofit industry-specific expertise to deliver the results you want.



MemberPrime is a division of BroadPoint, an award-winning business and technology consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofit and commercial organizations solve complex business problems. The MemberPrime division is focused specifically on helping associations and nonprofits extend and accelerate their ASI iMIS systems so that they can better serve their members. 

  • One of the largest iMIS Solution Providers in the U.S

  • A member of the iMIS Chairman’s Circle Club

  • A member of the ASI Inner Forum

  • Recognized by iMIS as a Solution Provider of the Year

  • Winner of iMIS Website Great Things Award

  • Winner of the 2019 iMIS App Competition for iTxt2Give


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