Your iMIS system took your organization a great leap forward. You were able to automate so many traditional tasks of your association or non-profit organization to focus on your mission and your members. 

But what if your iMIS system could go farther? What if your iMIS system automated tasks for your members, as well as your employees? With four available solutions, iFIT will help you market more effectively, build relationships with members and donors – and supercharge your iMIS capabilities:

  • Energize Membership - Say goodbye to all those manual membership processes.

  • Excite Subscriptions - Online tool that streamlines the subscription process for individual and companies.

  • Inspire Fundraising - So your donors can donate to multiple causes & check out on a single page.

  • Empower Automation - Automate busy work & repetitive tasks with TaskCentre

Interested in learning more? Download the iFIT brochure today!

Download the Brochure Today!